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There are numerous reasons why your pregnancy might be considered high-risk, including your age, medical history, genetics, and previous pregnancy or delivery issues. At Reno Maternity Care in Reno, Nevada, experienced maternal fetal medicine specialist Earle Oki, MD, provides expert high-risk obstetrics care. Whether you know your pregnancy might be high-risk from the start or you develop a problem like gestational diabetes along the way, call Reno Maternity Care today.

High-Risk Obstetrics

What is high-risk obstetrics?

High-risk obstetrics concerns the prenatal care and birth of a baby when the child or its mother has complications.

The types of issues that make a pregnancy high-risk include being 17 or younger, over 35, or carrying multiple fetuses. You’d be a high-risk case if you’d had problem pregnancies or miscarriages before. Also, if you’ve had a difficult birth previously, for example, you needed an emergency cesarean section, having a vaginal delivery (VBAC) the next time is also considered high-risk.

Having certain genetic disorders or other serious medical conditions like diabetes would put you in the high-risk category. Also, problems like obesity, illegal drug use, and excessive consumption of alcohol make for high-risk obstetrics.

Can a pregnancy become high-risk?

Sometimes conditions can develop during pregnancy that would make your pregnancy high-risk, such as:

  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Premature labor
  • Placenta previa
  • Fetal problems

Sometimes a pre-existing condition can make these pregnancy problems more likely; for example, being obese makes you more likely to get gestational diabetes.

How can I reduce the likelihood of having a high-risk pregnancy?

Before trying for a baby, visit Reno Maternity Care for a preconception consultation. This is a meeting where you can discuss your risks and how to minimize them before you conceive. Some steps your provider advises might be self-help measures such as:

  • Eating more whole foods
  • Getting more exercise
  • Quitting smoking
  • Losing weight

The healthier and fitter you are before you conceive, the better your chances are of having a low-risk pregnancy.

Dr. Oki and his team can check that you’re up-to-date with your immunizations, which also protects your child. They’ll give you plenty of advice and information about a healthy diet and any supplements like folic acid that you might need.

How are high-risk obstetrics cases managed?

The management of high-risk obstetrics cases depends on your risk factors and what the outcomes of those risks could be.

If you have gestational diabetes, for example, you will need to monitor your blood glucose and might require medications or insulin. If there’s a risk of genetic conditions or complications, Reno Maternity Care, provides a dedicated genetic counseling service.

The team can also help you if you experience any symptoms that concern you during your pregnancy, like pelvic pain or abnormal bleeding. Unless you’re in an emergency situation and need to call 911, the Reno Maternity Care team can help with all your minor obstetric concerns.

To find out more about high-risk obstetrics, call Reno Maternity Care today.